GuoYuan is the honest professional high-tech solar products supplier and services brand.

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Advantages of GuoYuan

We are focuses on providing professional solar system solutions for global industrial and commercial applications

Our mission is to deliver the most valuable and technologically advanced solar products and services to every corner of the Earth, making our green planet greener and more environmentally friendly.
With 20+ years of experience
Covers an area of 200000+m²
Has more than 3200 employees
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Our Strength is Recognized by Customers
Our company is a research and development and manufacturing new energy company focused on data center products, photovoltaic new energy products, electric vehicle charging products, and energy storage products. We are a leading provider of comprehensive solutions in the industry.

It has won the ISO Advanced Management System Certification, CQC, TUV, UL, CE and other Professional certification of domestic and foreign products, among others, "Key Enterprise of Strategic Emerging Industries", "National High tech Innovation Enterprise", "National Excellent Intellectual Property Enterprise".
Our Strength is Recognized by Customers
OEM/ODM Solar System Service
Our OEM/ODM Service
We have OEM and ODM services to provide you with a one-stop customized service for solar systems. Our customized service process is as follows:
 Add our contact
 Provide your logo, design, packaging/OEM
 Provide scenarios and protection levels
 Provide your basic requirements
 Design a custom solar system for you
 Confirm technical indicators
 The customer needs to pay in full
 Weekly notification of your progress
 Ship to you after production

Making Our Green Planet Greener and More Environmentally Friendly

About GuoYuan

Professional Solar System Solutions, Solar Products Supplier

leading solar system supplier
The world's leading solar system supplier

GuoYuan International focuses on providing professional solar system solutions for global industrial and commercial applications. We provide design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services for industrial, commercial, and household solar system solutions to nearly a thousand industry users in multiple countries and regions.

More than 150 cooperative countries and regions
Has more than 270 patented technologies
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Main Products
GuoYuan International focuses on providing professional solar system solutions for global industrial and commercial applications, with the company's products and services mainly focused on: Solar power generation system; Energy storage system; Power and portable power supply; low voltage distribution, Low voltage industrial control products; New Energy - High Voltage DC Contactor Series Products.
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With the continuous expansion of the brand influence of the Digital Expo, governments, professional media, association alliances, and professional clients from all over the world have participated in this international grand event.
2023 08 23
Driven by the transformation of clean energy, household photovoltaic has become a green and low-carbon choice for more and more households. Guoyuan has been deeply involved in the global household photovoltaic market for more than 10 years, always serving customers with high-quality products and solutions.
2023 08 23
In recent years, the skyrocketing energy prices and unstable supply caused by border conflicts are driving many European countries to accelerate their dependence on fossil fuels, and new energy represented by photovoltaics is experiencing explosive growth.
2023 08 23
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If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to the customer service team. 
Discover top-notch solar system solutions and high-quality solar products from GuoYuan, a leading solar products supplier. We specialize in providing comprehensive renewable energy solutions tailored to your needs.
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