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Beijing New Energy Exhibition


Beijing New Energy Exhibition 1


In recent years, the skyrocketing energy prices and unstable supply caused by border conflicts are driving many European countries to accelerate their dependence on fossil fuels, and new energy represented by photovoltaics is experiencing explosive growth. According to the European Photovoltaic Association, the installed capacity of new photovoltaic units in Europe reached 41.4GW in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 47%. At the same time, under the global goal of "carbon neutrality", vigorously developing low-carbon or zero carbon energy systems such as renewable energy has become a strategic direction for technological transformation in the energy field.

Based on the current situation and future of global energy development, Guoyuan accelerates the implementation of globalization strategy, integrating "green intelligent manufacturing" and innovative technologies into product research and development, focusing on the European optical storage market and launching a series of high-quality solar panels, inverters, energy storage products, etc., comprehensively assisting Europe's green energy transformation and empowering the high-quality development of global optical storage.

In 2022, due to the energy crisis in Europe, electricity prices skyrocketed, and the high economy of household solar storage was recognized by the market. The demand for solar storage began to explode, and Europe began to become an important market for domestic solar storage products. At this exhibition, Guoyuan's follow-up products were unveiled, bringing home optical storage system solutions to European users.

Among them, the three-phase optical storage integrated machine is equipped with high-performance battery cells, supporting photovoltaic 200% overmatching and parallel off grid parallel functions, adjustable three-phase power, and supporting global cloud platforms and mobile APP access and energy interconnection. This product has outstanding advantages such as convenient operation and maintenance, low cost, and can maximize the economic value of users, making 24-hour home green electricity possible.

In the context of accelerating low-carbon transformation in the market, industrial and commercial energy storage is achieving large-scale application, and the integration of industrial, commercial, and optical storage has become a trend.

At this exhibition, as a new product launched by Guoyuan this year, the industrial and commercial optical storage integrated machine uses LFP cells, which are cost-effective, scalable, and supports on-demand expansion. It integrates energy storage converters and photovoltaic inverters. The dual fire protection system and 1+1 redundancy design effectively ensure the safety and reliability of the energy storage system. In addition, integrating BMS/EMS, cloud control, and free switching between two modes of off grid, flexible installation site selection, can meet the integrated application of optical storage in small and medium-sized microgrids and industrial and commercial buildings.

2021 Global Green Energy Channel Elite Meeting
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