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2021 Global Green Energy Channel Elite Meeting


2021 Global Green Energy Channel Elite Meeting 1


Driven by the transformation of clean energy, household photovoltaic has become a green and low-carbon choice for more and more households. Guoyuan has been deeply involved in the global household photovoltaic market for more than 10 years, always serving customers with high-quality products and solutions.

The single-phase string inverter series exhibited this time is a star product of Guoyuan in the household photovoltaic field, with a maximum efficiency of 98.3%, supporting 1.1 times overload, and effectively improving power generation. Adopting an ultra-light and ultra-thin design, it is easy to install and suitable for various installation scenarios, effectively ensuring the safety and stable operation of the power grid, making it a "new favorite" in the European household light storage industry.

With the deepening of the global concept of "carbon neutrality", Guoyuan adheres to the concept of "economy, safety, and efficiency" and has developed and launched multiple industrial and commercial inverter products, which can comprehensively meet the needs of different scenarios and users in the industrial and commercial fields, help users bring better investment returns, and achieve maximum project value.

Among them, the series inverter adopts a 4-way MPPT and IP66 design, which can adapt to various harsh environments and complex installation scenarios. At the same time, it supports multiple communication methods such as WIFI/GPRS/4G/RS485 to achieve remote monitoring, fault diagnosis, and remote upgrade, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of photovoltaic power plants.

2022 Gathering Smart Energy to Build a Double Carbon Future
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