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Portable Power Supply

Portable Power Supply has strong power, is lightweight and portable, and has a beautiful appearance. It is equipped with a large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery pack, providing long-lasting battery life and abundant power. It is a very convenient online backup mobile power supply.


Portable Power Supply uninterrupted power supply is safe and environmentally friendly, with AC 220V/110V pure sine wave output. It is your preferred backup mobile power source for home travel, outdoor work, and outdoor work. Trolley box design, lightweight and portable, can be moved at any time, quickly disassembled, and loaded heavily. Applying lithium-ion batteries to outdoor emergency power systems can carry a high power of over 300 watts. 


Equipped with online switching function, connect the desktop computer power cord to the portable UPS product, and then connect the AC cable to the mains socket to run the computer. If there is a sudden power outage, quickly switch to the internal battery of the power supply to supply power to the device. The application range of portable energy storage power supply is lightweight and convenient, with true bidirectional, fast charging, light weight, small size, and high power. Outdoor mobile portable energy storage power supply is particularly suitable for power supply and charging of mobile communication and emergency equipment. 


Widely used for various brands of mobile phones, televisions, energy-saving lights, laptops, digital appliances, outdoor office, outdoor photography, outdoor construction, backup power supply, emergency power supply, fire rescue, disaster relief, car startup, digital charging, mobile power supply, etc. It can also be used in areas without electricity such as mountainous areas, pastoral areas, field investigations, outdoor tourism and leisure, or in cars and ships, and can be used as DC or AC power supply.

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