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Solar power generation system is currently the most environmentally friendly green energy in the world. By converting the energy of the sun into electrical energy, it provides power supply for thousands of households and industrial factories, and does not produce any substances that pollute the atmospheric environment, including room temperature gases and other waste gases. Does not pollute the air, does not produce noise. 


Guoyuan Company represents the world's leading technology in the field of solar power generation systems. Guoyuan Company has combined a technical development team composed of a number of domestic solar energy experts to conduct research and development on solar panels, inverters, and energy storage batteries. At the same time, we continuously strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of the solutions we provide to our customers. Our expert team continuously optimizes and improves the photoelectric conversion rate to improve the utilization rate of the solar system and reduce the customer's use cost. 


At present, we are building a photovoltaic power station in order to realize intelligent and diversified solar grid-connected power generation technology and grid-connected with the backbone grid. At the same time, the temperature range of the energy storage battery is relatively wide, and it can work normally in a temperature environment of -30-60 degrees Celsius. Ensure that customers can get power guarantee in any extreme environment.

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