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Hybrid Solar Inverter

Upgrade to our Hybrid Solar Inverter BMS for seamless control and monitoring of your intelligent solar system:


1. Easy Lithium Battery BMS Communication: Access battery communication conveniently through an LCD touch screen.

2. Intelligent Load Management: Efficiently manage loads using the network connectivity and intelligent features.

3. Robust Environmental Protection: Equipped with anti-dusk kits for secure operation in harsh environments, protecting against AC overcurrent, AC overvoltage, and overheating.

4. IP65 Design for Outdoor Flexibility: Enjoy maximum flexibility and durability with the IP65 level design, perfect for outdoor installations and remote monitoring.

5. Mobile Control and Monitoring: Safely control and monitor your system through our monitoring application and portal, ensuring physical and electrical isolation, ground leakage current monitoring, and island protection.

6. Market-Oriented PV Input: Designed with a 27A PV input current to meet market trends. Includes additional Imp output and adjustable second output using a scheduling switch.

7. Extended Battery Life Cycle: Extend battery life by setting cut-off voltage or using the SOC battery balance function.

8. Seamless Integration: BMS reserves a serial port (RS-485, CAN) interface, enabling integration with global cloud platforms for easy app usage anywhere, anytime.

9. Comprehensive Protection and Working Modes: Supports power internet applications, AFCI function integration, and offers IP65 protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating. The IHESS series offers four working modes: Self-use, Usage time, Backup power supply, and Grid priority.

10. Swift Backup: Experience fast backup with less than 10 milliseconds switching time for backup loads.


Upgrade to our advanced Hybrid Solar Inverter BMS and enhance your solar system's performance and reliability.

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