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Gel Battery

Colloidal solid electrolytes in Gel Battery can form a solid protective layer on the electrode plate to prevent corrosion, reduce plate bending and short circuits when the battery is used under heavy loads, and better prevent the active substances on the electrode plate from softening and falling off. 


It has good physical and chemical protection, and its lifespan is 1.5-2 times longer than the national testing standard for traditional lead-acid batteries. The specific gravity of colloidal electrolytes is scientific, and it is not easy to cause plate vulcanization. Under normal usage, the number of cycles exceeds 550. Safe to use, beneficial for environmental protection. No acid mist gas precipitation, electrolyte overflow, non-combustion, non explosion, non corrosion of the vehicle body, and no pollution during use. 


Due to the solid nature of the electrolyte, even if the battery is accidentally damaged during use, Gel Battery can still be used normally without flowing out liquid sulfuric acid. High efficiency and good performance. Colloidal batteries have small self discharge, which is beneficial for long-term storage; High deep discharge performance is beneficial for improving the utilization rate and discharge capacity of active substances; Deep discharge and over discharge recovery capabilities, with charging acceptance capacity exceeding national standards by more than 50%. 


Disposable electrolyte infusion, without acid solution, can save a lot of energy and maintenance costs. Less water loss. The oxygen cycle design is conducive to the diffusion of oxygen, allowing the precipitated oxygen to react with the negative electrode material again, resulting in less gas escape and water loss during the charging and discharging process. Long shelf life. It has good resistance to plate salvation and reduces gate corrosion, with a long shelf life.

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